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Voted Best Of Things To Do In Virginia Beach

$25 Drop-In

Interactive Dueling Lightsaber Experience
(ages 8+)

If you're seeking a unique and exhilarating experience that combines the world of sci-fi fantasy with real-life action, look no further than our dueling lightsaber forms adventures in Virginia Beach. Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Virginia, this vibrant city offers more than just sandy beaches and ocean waves.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of your favorite Jedi or Sith, wielding a lightsaber and engaging in thrilling combat that's sure to ignite your inner hero. Discover why our Dueling Lightsaber Forms is voted one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach.

$25 Drop-In Class

(ages 8+)

Adults & Teens Unlimited Classes (ages 13+)

Life-Changing Physical, Mental & Emotional Benefits!  Our Adult Light Sword Martial Arts classes emphasize improving fitness, confidence and practical self-defense.

The Light Sword Martial Arts are based on essential life principles and philosophy that enrich a practitioner’s lifestyle. Training brings the discipline and willpower for student needs, in order to achieve high levels of production in every aspect of their lives.

Unlimited Adult & Teen Classes

(ages 13+)

Family & Kids Unlimited Classes (ages 8+)

We provide a wholesome environment that is fun and rewarding for young children, all the way up to grandparents. Our Family & Kids Light Sword Martial Arts Program focuses on character, discipline and leadership in a fun and safe environment.

Unlimited Family & Kids Classes

(ages 8+)


Virtual Saber Academy

Online Classes (ages 13+)

Introducing the ultimate Online Lightsaber Forms Training Academy! Unleash your inner Jedi with our comprehensive program designed to master the art of dueling lightsaber combat.

With our convenient online platform, you can train at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned warrior, our expert instructors will guide you through a series of immersive lessons, teaching you the intricate techniques and strategies of various dueling lightsaber forms.

Join our community of lightsaber enthusiasts and embark on an epic journey towards mastery. Enroll now and ignite your lightsaber skills!

  • Drop-In ($25) Interactive Dueling Lightsaber Experience



    $25.00 Select
  • Lightsaber Mixed Martialarts: Adults & Teens Classes (ages 13+) Unlimited Classes



    $179.00 / month Select
  • Lightsaber Mixed Martialarts: Family & Kids (ages 8+) Unlimited Classes



    $179.00 / month Select

Drop-In: Paid From Separate Individual Accounts or One Master Account For Groups

  • 1 to 9 Members

$25 Per Person (per 1 hour session)

  • Groups Of 10+

$15 Per Person (per 1 hour session)

(Note: All Groups Sessions Of 10+ Are By Appointment Only.)

Single Member Accounts: Paid From Separate Individual Accounts

  • 1st Member = $179/month (Unlimited Classes)
  • 2nd Member = 20% Off (Unlimited Classes)
  • 3rd+ Member = 30% Off (Unlimited Classes)

Shared Family Account: Paid From One Master Account

  • 2 Family Members = $288/month (Unlimited Classes)
  • 3 Family Members = $378/month  (Unlimited Classes)
  • 4 Family Members = $504/month  (Unlimited Classes)
  • 5 Family Members = $630/month  (Unlimited Classes)